Monday, December 10, 2007

Can We Just Ban Some People From Being Parents?

I am mad right now. I know it is a sin, but I need to vent. First, a little background.

My wife is half Asian. Her Dad is from India. That puts her in one of the smaller minorities in the United States. The fact that she is half puts her in an even smaller minority, one that has typically faced more racism in the past than many people who were full born into one ethnicity. "Half breeds" (one of the nicest slang terms you can find for people like my wife) are typically discriminated against by white people AND by their own people. Unless they are light enough to pass for a white person and no one finds out they are half. Most people look at my wife, find out she grew up in El Paso, and assume she is Hispanic.

She works at a school that is predominately black. Most of her kids are nice, decent 9th graders. But teens are teens and she has to discipline some. One of the parents of a disciplined child called up and questioned my wife's actions because her child "felt" my wife is a racist. Well, that is a nice way of putting it. She actually yelled at my wife.

First of all, let's look at this. A racist person works at a mostly black school? Do they realize how stupid that sounds to even say that? I mean, really? Someone hates black people and they are going to go work at a place that helps black people get an education? That has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard. In the words of the great television prophet John Stossel: "Give me a break!"

Second of all, the root of the word "racism" is RACE - as in an entire group of people. If my wife is racist, she would have to be disciplining all people of that race, in an unfair manner. All 20 people in that class that are of that same race. Oh, but wait - she's only had to discipline 2 or 3. Whoops. I feel another prophecy coming on....

But this one gets me: RACISM IS NOT A FEELING!!!!!! It is specific actions or words. You can't feel that someone is racist, anymore that I can feel that this parent is an idiot. You have to have documented actions or logic to to prove something. Which is why I documented my logical proof that this parent is an idiot. A flat out idiot.

The thing that really burns me is that this parent had the (PG words fail me here) to whip out Biblical quotes and Jesus at the end of her tirade. You want to judge someone without even knowing a thing about them, based on your child's "feelings," and THEN tack Jesus on the end? Really?!? People like that just give Christianity a bad name. Not to mention the massive list of scriptures they break themselves in doing this. No wonder people don't want to go to Church any more.

Gandhi once said, "I would be a Christian if it wasn't for the Christians!"

If someone is discriminating against you, and you can factually prove it, then say something. But make sure you have your facts straight. If you don't have facts, and you end up being wrong, you will have just slandered another person and therefore be almost as bad as any racist. Not to mention reaping destruction on the life of the person falsely accused.

If you are a parent - let me say this: the attitude of defending and believing your child no matter what happens is wrong and destructive for your child! Like, it will really mess them up later in life if they think they are always right and never do anything wrong. Parents that act like their children are perfect angels that never do anything wrong just make me sick. That is just sinister child abuse wrapped up in a loving facade. Like my little brother said to my parents recently: "I'm so glad you guys never took my side when I lied about my teachers. You would have always been wrong!"

Okay, rant over. I know I crossed some lines in there, so I repent.

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Milly said...

Some parents are so stupid! When you defend a child’s misbehavior you are setting them up for a huge fall.