Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Problem With The Church Today

Our churches today have a big problem. It doesn't matter if they are modern or traditional, charismatic, emerging, diverging, small, or large - they all have this problem. This problem existed in 50s, as well as in the Reformation, as well as in the time of Paul.

The Church is broken.

Yep. It's busted, messed up, crazy, weird, silly, whack, out of joint, etc. You name it. The Church is just that. And even worse. You probably have no idea how broken it is. I don't mean spiritually broken. I mean it is just not working right.

And that happens to be just the way it needs to be.

You see, the perfect church has no need of God. The church without problems has all of the answers. All of the ducks are in a row. In fact, some of the ducks are probably MIA. There's no need for God. We are going to be in eternal need of fixing. There's no way around it.

That is also part of the adventure. God is calling us to join him in his redemptive work. Oh, yes - those that don't know Him are the ones that need that redemptive work the most. But so are those that already know Him. The great adventure comes in realizing that we all get to join God in his grand plan to fix the brokenness that exists everywhere - including inside of the church. Including inside of us.

It's not always fun. It requires us to sacrifice all, so that we might gain this repair. And we might give up from time to time. But the call is never revoked just because we occasionally lose heart. Or - if you are like me - you lose heart more often that you seem to gain it. Like, every other hour it seems. Thankfully, the One that extends the call never ceases to forgive our weak hearts.

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