Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How Dangerous is a Piece of Paper?

I love India. My wife is half-Indian. The image used as the banner for this site was taken on a trip we took to India. But sometimes, their laws make no sense.

Take a recent incident in Kartanaka. A pastor and his wife were passing out Gospel tracts. Some people find these annoying, but like any literature - you can just ignore them. Someone saw the tracts, and attacked them. They were drug to the local police office, and charged with "inciting religious disharmony." They were sent to jail for a month for violating section 296 A of the Indian Penal Code.

Now, I am no legal expert, but wasn't it the person that attacked them in the first place that was the one who "incited religious disharmony?" He could have just ignored the tracts.

You see, the problem with India is that they are ruled by close-minded, undemocratic principles. I know they claim to be modern and democratic, but that is just a media propaganda front designed to placate the UN and major world governments. And they all accept it as true, without digging farther in to verify the claims. Every week I get e-mail reports on worldwide religious persecution, and every week they include multiple reports from India. To the UN, US, and other world powers - please open your eyes. Visit for more information.

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